Prague Christmas Market

Prague Christmas Markets

A Christmas market is a street market associated with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of Advent. They were originated in Germany and now they are being held in many other countries. The history of Christmas markets goes back to the late middle Ages in the German-speaking part of Europe, and in many...
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Vrtbovská Garden - Prague Gardens

Prague Gardens

Escape to one of the countless Prague Gardens. The city has numerous parks and gardens, include children’s playgrounds, some are large enough to go jogging or skating. Prague Gardens: The unique Vrtbovská Garden The Vrtbovská Garden, a unique architectonic gem situated in Malá Strana. Is one of the most noteworthy baroque gardens in Prague. This Italian garden...
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Praga: Joya patrimonio de la Humanidad

El Patrimonio de la Humanidad es un título otorgado por la Unesco. El programa cataloga, preserva y da a conocer sitios de importancia cultural o natural. Estos son excepcionales para la herencia común de la humanidad. Praga Patrimonio UNESCO Praga Patrimonio UNESCO ¿Sabías qué la República Checa es uno de los países europeos que se encuentran en...
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Currency and Exchange in Prague

Czech Currency and Exchange in Prague

As travelers, it is easy to think that we are smart enough to avoid getting ripped off. The truth is, it happens to the best of us.  Be informed about the Currency and Exchange in Prague before you travel. Czech Currency and Exchange in Prague This are some tips that you should consider when visiting the Czech...
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Prague Public Transport

First of all we have to say that Prague Public Transport is quite afordable and easy to use.  Be prepared and careful,  pay attention to the schedules and maps. You will use it without a problem and it will make your trip easier.  How to use Public transport in Prague Mainly public transportation runs frequently during...
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Prague Easter Eggs

Prague Easter: traditions and customs

 Easter belongs to ancient holidays celebrating the arrival of spring, the resurrection of Christ, and in addition the start of a new agricultural year. Many of the Czech Easter symbols are related to spring and most of all the beginning of new life. Prague Easter: traditions and customs in the Czech Republic Some of them are: Kraslice...
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Plaza Vieja. Praga Patrimonio UNESCO

Our top 5 Prague Landmarks

 Prague is beautiful city and most of that beauty comes from the enchanting architecture and well-preserved landmarks. Although the whole city is a museum by itself, many of them stand out. This is a small list of our favorite Prague Landmarks. Our 5 favorite Prague Landmarks 1. The Astronomical ClockThe creation of this clock started during the...
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Museo de la Ciudad de Praga

3 Museos en Praga que debes visitar

  Visitar una ciudad como Praga es fascinante, especialmente por la misma ciudad es un gran museo de arquitectura. Pero, ¿qué museos se puedes vivistar conocer más acerca de la historia y cultura Checa?. Te recomendamos estos 3 Museos en Praga que mejoraran tu visita a la ciudad. No son tan mencionados en las guías...
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Consejos y recomendaciones para visitar Praga

Viajar es increíble y mucho más cuando es fácil llegar a una ciudad nueva y no sufrir engaños. Tenemos una lista útil de consejos y tips para visitar Praga. Antes de tu visita a esta hermosa ciudad debes considerar algunas cosas. Para ayudarte hemos armado una guía de consejos útiles para tú visita. Consejos y tips...
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