Escape to one of the countless Prague Gardens. The city has numerous parks and gardens, include children’s playgrounds, some are large enough to go jogging or skating.


Prague Gardens: The unique Vrtbovská Garden


The Vrtbovská Garden, a unique architectonic gem situated in Malá Strana. Is one of the most noteworthy baroque gardens in Prague. This Italian garden was built by the Vrtbovský palace in 1715 for Jan Joseph, the highest chancellor of Prague Castle. The original layout is known only from brief descriptions


The composition effect of the garden is based on a terrace floor graduation. The floors are connected with stairs and supported by walls shaped in baroque curves. At the lower part of the garden you will find a circular pool with a statue of Putto. The statue is riding a sea beast and is situated between the Salla terrena of the southern wing. The aviary stands opposite to the southern wing. The Salla terrena is decorated by Reiner frescoes and statues of Bacchus and Cerera by Matyas Bernard Braun.

Vrtbovská Garden - Prague Gardens
Vrtbovská Garden - Prague Gardens
Vrtbovská Garden Terrace - Prague Gardens
Vrbovská Garden Terrace- Prague Gardens

The middle terrace looms a high support wall behind a subtle pool. Towards the upper end the gardens narrows. At the top in the south-east culminates with a final arch scene with three fields.

The middle arch is framed by embossed seashells and highlighted by an arched gable with water gods. The side fields feature rectangular niches, framed by seashells and oval windows with embossed mermaids.

The Vrtbovská Garden Mermaids
The Vrtbovská Garden Mermaids- Prague Gardens

The Vrtbovská garden tents to be labelled as a baroque Italian style garden. As a result, the influence of a foreign style form is melted with a unique style, common to the Czech baroque. It is characterized by a perfect adaptation to the environment, brainy use of small areas and flawless space management. Between Prague Gardens, the Vrtbovská garden is one of the most famous. Therefore, it is a unique masterpiece through its approach as well as finish.


You can visit this amazing garden in Malá Strana:Karmelitská 25, Praha 1 – Malá Strana



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