First of all we have to say that Prague Public Transport is quite afordable and easy to use.  Be prepared and careful,  pay attention to the schedules and maps. You will use it without a problem and it will make your trip easier.


How to use Public transport in Prague


Mainly public transportation runs frequently during the day and night, just a single ticket is enough to travel on all trams, buses and the metro. 

You can buy tickets at the metro machines, the news paper kiosk or at the Tabak stores. The tickets are available by time from 30 minutes, you can also get a 24 hrs, weekly and monthly ticket.

The time of transportation starts from the moment you stamp it. If you validate at 11:24 and your ticket is valid for 30 min, your time will end at 11:54. During this 30 min you can use the metro, trams or some buses (even combine them, no need to re-validate)


Máquina de tickets. Consejos y tips para visitar Praga
Ticket (jizdenky) machine. Prague public transport

Be aware of the inspectors, they will check the tickets, to be safe VALIDATE your ticket in the yellow boxes. As you can see in the photo below, validate under the orange arrow.  The fine for a non-validated ticket or not having one is up to 1000 CZK (30 EUR).

Como validar el ticket. Consejos y tipr para visitar Praga
How to validate tickets. Prague public transport

The taxis are one of the most common scams in Prague. Most of all don´t follow the law and they charge you what they want (including the taxis outside the airport). Maybe if you don´t have a lot of luggage you can use  either the public transpotation sistem or you can use UBER.

Probably you will only have to use the public transport in Prague to go FROM and TO the airport. During your stay you will notice that walking around is a great advantage. As a result you will explore and discover all the beauty of Prague. In addition the distance walking between most of the stations is around 5 min.


Travel, discover and enjoy everything that Prague can offer to you… Happy travels!



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